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Hard to describe the wonderful experience I had when participating in Nancy's Trail of the Heart! Loved everything about the experience and couldn't wait for weekly meetings! Nancy is an awesome, patient and insightful facilitator. The interaction with her horses opened up a whole new world for me!!! Love, love, loved it!!!! Cannot recommend it enough good things about the program—Anonymous


Transporter M.

  • I feel it necessary to write this note to mainly put out there my admiration for Nancy Carter and her team of trusted staff at Healing Reins Ranch. I am for one a huge fan of her work. I have personally witnessed what she can do to help bring out the best in oneself thru her training, experience and knowledge on one on one sessions or working with her deeply passionate group of horses. I am First Nations from Northern Alberta and I have known Nancy Carter for over a year now and still to this day I am hearing the commitment of her ability being praised. Nancy Carter is the facilitator For Healing Reins Ranch in Falher Alberta and she is approachable, down to earth, insightful, well prepared, effective and most importantly professional. I strongly recommend Healing Reins Ranch as a must to anyone who is looking and needing healing. – Transporter M.

Tony O.

  • I met Nancy almost 4 years ago. I was looking for an activity for one of my clients to do (I worked with disabled adults in a 24/7 care house). He has Down syndrome, back and feet problem, high anxiety and at the time, almost 50years old. He loves horses and anything western. Nancy and we set up a meet and greet. It was easy to see he felt at ease being at Healing Reins and around Nancy


Healing Reins, Falher, AB, Canada


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